Naná has toured with names such as Tiê, Jaloo, Ana Cañas, Johnny Hooker, As Bahia e a Cozinha Mineira, Filipe Catto, As Mercenárias, Vive La Fete, Gilliard, Karina Buhr, Bárbara Eugênia, among others. Toured many countries around the world and participated in festivals such as Rock’n’Rio (Brazil), SXSW (United States), Primavera Sounds (Barcelona) and Lolapallooza (Brazil).


Léscbicas Assassinas de Los Angeles (LALA) is a Brazilian Duo of Music Production formed by Naná Rizinni & Joana Cid.

LALA was once hired by the audio producer Loop Reclame to produce Zaxy brand campaign music, starring singers Priscila Alcântara and Luisa Sonza and ended up being invited to other advertising productions.

As a duo, LALA worked producing live sessions, music for advertisement, Brazilian artists, series soundtracks, and also their own authorial namesake project. They decided to produce and record two songs by Nana Rizinni live. The challenge of these two tracks recorded live (I Like to Party and Missel) is to play the entire arrangement in an organic way (shooting elements note by note), using triggers on drums and associating notes and harmonies to them, also using samplers such as SPDS-X and Maschine. The only organic elements are vocals and drums. As instrumentalist, they have been on stage with Brazilian artists in national and international festivals.


The EP Bacon Eggs was released in 2009. Produced by Rique Azevedo with Naná Rizinni on drums, Mônica Agena on guitar and Hagape Cakau on Bass. Features Michel Leme and Maria Fernandes Menezes.

I Said was released in 2011. Produced by Naná Rizinni and Plínio Profeta. Features Tiê and Karina Buhr.

La Na Nana was released in 2014. Produced by Naná Rizinni and Adriano Cintra with André Whoong on guitar, Adriano Cintra on Bass, Dudu Tsuda on synthesizers, Naná Rizinni and Pedro Rangel on drums. Features Tiê. Recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago with Steve Albini.


In 2019, the production duo LALA (Joana Cid & Naná Rizinni) will be holding camps on Production and Hybrid music. Stay tuned!

  • 22 AGO — SP — Tributo ao David Bowie — Participação de Hélio Flanders, Miranda Kassim e BlubellSESC IPIRANGA
  • 23 AGO — SP — Tributo ao David Bowie — Participação de Hélio Flanders, Miranda Kassim e BlubellSESC IPIRANGA
  • 27 MAR — SP — A Mulher do Compositor com Blubell e Carol NaineCentro Cultural FIESP
  • 04 ABRIL — SP — A Vana — Fffront
  • 04 MAIO — Brasília — As Mercenárias 

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