My music

That’s where it all began

I remember spending hours in the basement of our home in Ann Arbor, Michigan reading and listening to music. I had a tiny blue and yellow radio cassette player and a small collection of tapes. Supremes, Michael Jackson, Beach Boys and some classical music is what I remember listening to. Mom put me in piano lessons and during my American years I studied piano and played for old people in nursing homes. Dad – although he didn’t become a professional musician – always loved to play Brazilian percussion and did it pretty well. He walked me through my first steps in rhythm.

Years later, back in Brazil, I started a band with a friend and decided it was time to take my music studies seriously, if I wanted to keep a band’s pulse.


Naná has performed, recorded and toured with artists such as Johnny Hooker, Ana Cañas, Tiê, Paulo Miklos, Jaloo, Karina Buhr, Vive La Fete, As Mercenárias, Pequeno Cidadão, Bárbara Eugênia, Filipe Catto, Gang 90, Moxine, Bemtí and others. She also performs as a drummer on her band ‘A Vana’ and her solo work Naná is endorsed by Techra Drumsticks, Gretsch Drums and Powerclick Monitors.