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Naná Rizinni is a Brazilian-born Music Producer and Drummer based in London. With a rich history of teaching, recording, touring, and crafting soundtracks for advertising, TV, and cinema, Naná has recently released her 4th album, 'Maracujá Azedo, and is preparing new work for 2024. Welcome to her official website. 


This logo was made by an artist called Gustavo Gialuca. He also did the art cover for Naná Rizinni's album Maracujá Azedo.

“I am a huge fan of Naná Rizinni. Creativity and experimentalism in the right measure. I love the hybrid drum concept that she brings to her music and in her latest album Maracujá Azedo.” – Kiko Loureiro (Megadeath Guitar player)

“Naná Rizinni is a unique and inspiring force, a genuine artistic presence that synthesizes, digests and gives back her own saturated version of the best of decades, of the possibilities of the feminine, of sounds, of colors, the fusion between avant-garde and retro, of daring and surprising. As a composer and sound researcher, her new album is the solid step that leads us to a new plateau in her authorial discography. As when looking at the top of an iceberg, attentive ears can imagine the many choices and the meticulous honing of each song beneath the sound. Only this time in a sort of hypnotic virtuosity that takes us away from the pop influence from her previous albums and presents us with a more abstract, experimental and free version of her music, the same Naná shows herself, as always, incisively creative, but as never before, determined. Determined to explore postmodern resources and structures.” – Luisa Micheletti (Brazilian writer and actress)

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