Solteira Quase Surtando (2019)


Feature film directed by Caco Souza.


Song “Better Than Nothing” from Naná Rizinni’s album “I Said”.

Moça do Calendário (2018)


Feature film directed by Helena Ignez.


Naná improvised on drums on 2 scenes of the movie.

Film for Charlotte Studio Audio Production House (2016)

Original music created for the film.

Series “Madrugada Desperada” with Fernanda Young (2016) 

8 episodes/ Original soundtrack.

Olerê Olará - Samba Cabaret play (2009) 

Naná was the music director of the play.

Apneia (2014) 

Feature film directed by Maurício Eça.


Song “Homenagem” from Naná Rizinni’s album “I Said”.

Minha Mãe é uma Peça (2013)

Feature film directed by André Pellenz.


Song “I Said” from Naná Rizinni’s album “I Said”.

Super Nada (2013) 

Feature film directed by Rubens Rewald.


Naná participates on the movie with a live pocket show.

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