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Naná Rizinni poses to photographer Claus Lehman with Techra drumsticks which she was endorsed by from 2018 - 2021

Brazilian Drummer and Musical Producer based in London, Naná has been active since 2005 and has recorded/toured with artists such as Tiê, Johnny Hooker, Ana Cañas, Karina Buhr, Iara Rennó, Barbara Eugênia, Thiago Pettit, Filipe Catto, Paulo Miklos, and others. Naná holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Drums from Faculdade de Música Carlos Gomes and a One Year Full Time Diploma form Drum-Tech, London, UK. In Brazil, she was tutored by Lilian Carmona, Vera Figueiredo and Duda Neves. As a Musical Producer, Naná worked at both Cream Studio Audio Production House and Loop Reclame. She was also partner at Charlotte Studio. Today she produces for artists as well as for Advertising, Television, Series and Cinema. Besides Naná’s career as a Drummer and Music Producer, she is a composer and leads her solo work (with 1 EP and 2 albums released). Her most recent album, "Maracujá Azedo" was released in November 2021. You can listen to her albums on all streaming platforms.

 Naná Rizinni's logo on red background. Logo made by artist Gustavo Gialuca - who also did the art cover for Naná's last albu
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