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LALA - Lésbicas Assassinas de Los Angeles - is a Brazilian duo of music production eradicated in São Paulo formed by Naná Rizinni and Joana Cid.

LALA once was hired by the audio producer Loop Reclame to produce Zaxy brand campaign music, starring the singers Priscila Alcântara and Luisa Sonza and ended up being invited to other productions like Brenda Band and Ana Roman. In 2017, alongside Gabriel Romitelli, Naná and Joana formed the trio A Vana and will release their first EP "Saudade da minha ex" in early 2019. As instrumentalists, they have been on stage together with brazilian artists Johnny Hooker and Ana Cañas.


In December of 2018, Lésbicas Assassinas de Los Angeles were invited to participate in a collection honoring the brazilian singer Adriana Calcanhotto, Nada Ficou No Lugar. They produced the track “Mentiras” which was chosen and performed by artist Johnny Hooker and is available on all platforms.


Two tracks produced by the duo entered the first collection of songs produced by Brazilian women idealized by Sêla Musical in partnership with International Music Week (SIM São Paulo). The first track is "Eu Me Viro" by Brenda Band and the second is "Gole a Gole" by Ana Roman. LALA also produces their next work.

At the end of 2018 the duo decided to produce and record two songs by Naná Rizinni live.


The challenge of these two tracks recorded live (I Like to Party and Missel) is to play the entire arrangement in an organic way (shooting elements note by note), using triggers on drums and associating notes and harmonies to them, also using samplers such as SPDS-X and Maschine. The only organic elements are vocals and drums.




Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at

As Mina Tudo Websérie

Dessa Brandão e

Dani Vellocet





Mini Lamers

"No escuro"


Johnny Hooker “Pense em Mim”


Johnny Hooker “Mentiras”

nunca vai ser.jpeg

Ana Roman

_ “Gole a Gole”

eu me viro.jpeg

Part of the collection

_ Ana Roman “Gole a Gole”

_ Brenda Band "Eu me viro"


Lésbicas Assassinas de Los Angeles

_ “Missel”

_ "I like to party"

ZAXY Campaign

“Olha Ela Brilhar


Campaign of the brand Zaxy featuring singers Luísa Sonza and Priscilla Alcântara and produced by the duo.

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