Naná has 3 albums released. The EP “Bacon Eggs” (2009) was produced by Rique Azevedo and features Monica Agena (guitar), Michel Leme (guitar), Hagape Cakau (bass) and Vera Figueiredo (snare drums). Nana Rizinni plays drums on all tracks and sings. The songs were written by Naná, Mônica Agena and Hagape Cakau.

The album “I Said” (2001) was co produced by Naná Rizinni and Plínio Profeta and features Tiê and Karina Buhr on vocals. Most songs were written by Naná Rizinni with a few co-writers such as Giovanna Velasco and Tiê. The first show of this album’s tour happenes at SXSW Festival in Austin followed by a smal USA tour.

Second album released in 2014. Produced by Adriano Cintra and Naná Rizinni. Recorded live at Electrical Audio Studio, Chicago by Steve Albini. Featuring André Whoong on piano and bass, Adriano Cintra on bass, Dudu Tsuda on Synths, Pedro Rangel and Naná Rizinni on drums and Tiê on vocals (Cala Sua Big Boca).

First album released in 2011. Produced by Plinio Profeta and Naná Rizinni. Featuring Karina Buhr on vocals (Homenagem and Ciranda do Incentivo), Tiê on vocals (Homenagem), Plinio Profeta on guitars and Bass and Naná Rizinni on drums.

First EP released in 2009. Produced by Rique Azevedo. Featuring Mônica Agena and Michel Leme on guitars, Hagape Cakau on bass and Naná Rizinni on drums and vocals.

The album “La Na Naná” (2014) was co produced by Naná and Adriano Cintra. The album was recorded in Chicago by Steve Albini. Recorded completely live on tape. The musicians that recorded the album were: Dudu Tsuda (synthesizers and piano), André Whoong (bass, guitar and piano), Pedro Rangel (drums) and Adriano Cintra (bass, guitar and piano). Naná recorded drums and vocals and the album also features singer Tiê on a couple tracks. Songs were written by Naná and a couple were co written with Tiê and Adriano Cintra.

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