London-based Brazilian drummer, composer and music producer Naná Rizinni presents “Tempo Dilatado”, first single from her upcoming release by record label Umbilical.


The track is an advance of the album "Maracujá Azedo” ("Sour Passion Fruit"), coming next September, and already features its key ingredients: frantic drums, synth layers and electronic glitches that get along very well with more organic elements such as vocals, piano or wind instruments. A daring blend which blurs the boundaries between Jazz, Pop and Urban Music.


The first inspiration for "Tempo Dilatado" (“Dilated Time”) came from a polyrhythms etude from José Eduardo Gramani's method "Rítmica": "I dove deep into music practice during the first half of 2020, and that resulted in many creative ideas", Rizinni states. The lyrics for the tune talk about time mismatches between people, a subject that arose in an online debate about the perception of time led by Brazilian writer and actress Denise Stoklos during the covid-19 lockdown.


Besides Rizinni, who played drums, synths, vocals and produced the track, “Tempo Dilatado” features special guests Rafael Montorfano "Chicão" (Quartabê, Negro Léo, Gal Costa) on piano, Lênis Rino on electronic percussion and fellow Umbilical artist Anderson Quevedo on saxofone. Magí Batalla, Umbilical founder and in-house audio engineer, took care of mixing duties.


"Tempo Dilatado" release is scheduled for next Friday, August 6th, and will be supported by a music video shot in London and edited in São Paulo, a collaborative effort by Maurício Eça (director), Olívia Cirne (director and photographer), Tony Tiger (director and editor) and Naná Rizinni (director).

Second album released in 2014. Produced by Adriano Cintra and Naná Rizinni. Recorded live and on tape at Electrical Audio Studio, Chicago by Steve Albini. Featuring André Whoong on piano and bass, Adriano Cintra on bass, Dudu Tsuda on Synths, Pedro Rangel and Naná Rizinni on drums and Tiê on vocals (Cala Sua Big Boca).

First album released in 2011. Produced by Plinio Profeta and Naná Rizinni. Featuring Karina Buhr on vocals (Homenagem and Ciranda do Incentivo), Tiê on vocals (Homenagem), Plinio Profeta on guitars and Bass and Naná Rizinni on drums.

First EP released in 2009. Produced by Rique Azevedo. Featuring Mônica Agena and Michel Leme on guitars, Hagape Cakau on bass and Naná Rizinni on drums and vocals.