Solteira Quase Surtando (2020)


Feature film directed by Caco Souza.


“Better Than Nothing” / Album  “I Said”.

Moça do Calendário (2018)


Feature film directed by Helena Ignez.


2 scenes / Improvisation on drums.

Film for Charlotte Studio Audio Production House (2016)

Original music created for the film.

Series “Madrugada Desperada” with Fernanda Young (2016) 

8 episodes/ Original soundtrack.

Olerê Olará - Samba Cabaret play (2009) 

Music Director of play.

Apneia (2014) 

Feature film directed by Maurício Eça.


“Homenagem”/ Album “I Said”.

apneia poster.jpg

Minha Mãe é uma Peça (2013)

Feature film directed by André Pellenz.


“I Said” / Album “I Said”.


Super Nada (2013) 

Feature film directed by Rubens Rewald.


Special feature on movie with live pocket show.


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